Got a Car You Hardly Use? Talk to RentMyRide

Many families now have more than one car, but what if you have one that sends most of its life doing nothing? This is a potentially expensive situation as cars depreciate quite rapidly, but there is a solution: RentMyRide is a fresh approach to car rental in South Africa, and helps people who want to rent a car find the right vehicle for a long term rental Johannesburg, and it could be yours!
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RentMyRide puts people who need to rent in touch with those who have suitable vehicles for monthly car rental, and offers a great way for owners to make money, and renters to save on the costs. It’s a popular and very simple way of renting a car, and as you meet the renter face to face you get to choose whether or not to go through with the deal. Check out RentMyRide and register your car for rental, and start making money right away.